Behind the veil that hides Ripplin

Sometimes I hate this business.  I hate the hype, I hate the triggers that suck good people into bad schemes and I hate self appointed “gurus” who don’t care about the people they communicate with.

On the flip side I love to connect with the ordinary honest people who really are trying to deliver informed quality content to their readers and subscribers.  Some of these people I’m privileged to call my friends even though the chances of us ever meeting are practically zero.

Good connections are a greater source of real information then any guru  ever will provide and that brings me to the latest hype driven phenomenon of Ripplin’.

I’ve been aware of Ripplin’ for several weeks – first I got spammed on Skype about it, then several forums I contribute to were blasted with
Spam advertisements promoting it.  I wrongly presumed at this time that Ripplin was being driven by the Empower Network/BIM cult (yes I call it a cult- an organisation that convinces sensible people that black is white) but it seems that while the heavies inside that organisation have promoted it they weren’t responsible for the program/application/software/electric fluff (call it what you will)

To be honest I was never attracted to the idea – primarily because the methods that were being used to promote it were so stupendously amateurish and the ad copy was so full of holes that it just didn’t feel right to me but… the power of viral marketing and in particular the herd mentality of it is a very powerful thing.  It seemed that every man and his dog was getting on board.  I do admit to being tempted.

Several of my close associates had asked me what I thought and a couple had joined.  I agreed to take a closer look under one – who was convinced that Russell Brunson was responsible for it.

Brunson along with Ryan Deiss, Gary Ambrose and a host of others has been promoting this and I figure that if those guys are promoting it – its a huge red flag for me.(More later)

My diary tomorrow has Ripplin Trial noted in it.  I crossed it out today.

Yesterday, a very trusted friend by the name of Leonard Alberts emailed me asking my opinion about Ripplin.  I replied that I thought it was probably a scam but didn’t know enough about it to make an informed decision.

To my mind, Leonard Alberts is somebody who you should subscribe to because Leonard in a marketing sense  is as pure as driven snow.   He only recommends and endorses something he believes in and if he investigates something he follows the trail all the way to the end.

I value his opinion and his newsletter is one of the few that I bother to read.

Today I received a newsletter from Leonard which told me exactly what his research had uncovered about Ripplin.

There were a couple of things that disturbed Leonard about Ripplin from the get go – the non disclosure agreement gimmick and the veil of secrecy that surrounded who actually owned Ripplin.  I mean if you have nothing to hide then you’re quite open and honest with people about what you own and promote.

As Leonard acknowledged – the whole secrecy thing could have been a clever marketing gimmick but quite by chance Leonard found this article that reveals more than enough disturbing information about Ripplin to have you avoiding it like the plague

Ripplin— the truth.

None of the article surprises me.

What really disturbs me is this.

If Leonard Alberts – a small honest one man operation can take the time to investigate Ripplin properly why can’t Russell Brunson, Vic whatever his name is at BIM, Gary Ambrose, Ryan Diess and the hundreds of other marketers who should have known better do the same?

I know why – so does Russell Brunson and the rest of them.

They just want your money and they don’t care how they get it.

So what does all this mean?

1/If you are a member at Ripplin I suggest that you read the link above very carefully and make an informed decisiona bout any future upgrades that you will be asked to do.

2/If you are a subscriber to Russell Brunson, Gary Ambrose, Ryan Deiss, Vic whatever his name is or any other “big name” hype promoting guru – do yourself a favor and unsubscribe today.  They betrayed you they don’t deserve you.   Please be mindful that many people without the knowledge, expertise and network that these guys have – have promoted Ripplin in good faith -afford them the benefit of the doubt.

3/Head on over to Leonard Albert’s site today and subscribe to his newsletter – you’ll get quality information from him every time

4/ Stick with me – between Leonard, me and a few other trusted individuals that I will introduce you to you can’t go wrong.  I don’t always get it right but I try damn hard to.

5/ Remember the old proverb if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas….


    • Mark

      Haven’t you realized Leonard? Dare to tell the truth and people see you as a killjoy and a “hater” One of the great weapons of program owners is to cultivate this”inner circle” mentality -once you drink the Kool Aid you’re in up to your neck.

      Interesting psychologically but criminal in actuality.

      Regrettably every time I dare to post a review like this I get unsubscribes and a coincidental rise in spam posts. Part of me gets upset but in reality I’d rather have 100 people who engage with me than 10000 I can sell crap to

      • Leonard Aberts


        I have unfortunately realized this fact. It doesn’t make it easier to swallow though. The immortal words of P.T. Barnum “A sucker is born every minute” are SO true. If I didn’t have any morals or conscience; I would probably be a millionaire by now! It is sad to think that people want things so badly they will put on the blinders and not use any thought. It is funny, and sad, some people actually think an autoresponder series is a personal email from the marketer. I also don’t let the unsubscribes bother me. I really don’t want those people on my list anyway. I want people who want to do things the right way. ;)
        Leonard Aberts recently posted..The Choices We Make Determine Our CoursesMy Profile

  1. andy stehling

    One of these days Mark, I will get it through my thick head to just listen to you and try to stay focused to what you tell me. Sorry I fell off the wagon but I am sending the other link you sent me regarding the legal aspects of this “product” to Brunson et al and will let you know what their response is.

  2. Scott Douglas

    @ Mark and Leonard – Thanks for the expose. Great posts. I was “invited” to Ripplin last week and came quickly to the same conclusion. First, the gimmicks (example: NDA) were obvious. The “secret” videos are plastered all over YouTube. Next, the product is nebulous. My bet is on the money being made in an “upgrade” and NOT in sales of mobile apps. Finally, I quickly found a YouTube review by someone who knows the Ripplin owner. In short, Ripplin is a distraction that could take away from real business-building efforts.

    @ Andy – LOL on the “fell off the wagon” comment. Never thought about it like that, but soooooo true. These hyped up “biz ops” are like an addiction for some.

    Hi. I’m Scott and I’m a bizop addict who has been “clean” for five years!


    • Mark

      Hi Scott welcome to our little circle. Clean for 5 years – that’s quite an achievement :-). I confess that I do weaken every now and then, but feel violently ill almost immediately. I guess you could say that means I’m cured