Astonishing advertising package FOR YOU


Jason Wise is an established professional marketer who has built three of the very best advertising sites on the market. The true beauty of Jason's sites is that "connect" with each other in innovative and rewarding ways. 

To my mind, the cherry on top of this marketing powerhouse is Free Promo Codes For You

This valuable site houses an incredible array of bonus promo codes across some of the very best advertising sites on the net. 

If you haven't joined yet do so now, and give serious consideration to the upgrade offers available to you.

The brilliance of this site though is in its close relationship with the two other sites that run under the "For You" banner.

Understandably, the first two sets of promo codes are for Free Advertising For YOu and Viral Mailer For You...and bingo - both of these sites offer a myriad of introductory and ongoing promo codes that encourage activity.

Let's take a look at both sites.


Free Advertising For You offers a literal treasure trove of advertising and the upgrade options offer great value for money.

The site offers solo ads, text ads, banner ads, block ads, Featured banner ads, log in ads, solo header ads and solo footer ads. Additionally they offer new members a range of bonus advertising options including 6 solo ads.

Regular newsletters provide promo codes for both Free Advertising For You and Viral Mailer For You. All advertising credits can be exchanged for advertisements of your choice. To gain the maximum benefit form this site, you need to remain active. There are daily incentives to hit activity targets and its reasonably easy to earn between 50 and 100 activity points per day. Active members can win advertising prizes on a daily basis.

While the solo ads are particularly responsive every form of advertising on this site delivers traffic.

As the site is a sister site to Viral Mailer For You, many of the newsletters and promos include Promo codes for both sites.

All your ads go to active members. Any member who has not logged in for 30 days is placed on vacation and their ads are no longer displayed. At the time of writing, FAFY has approximately 2500 active members. That's a place I want my site seen! If you're in any doubt you can check the live advertising stats on this page here


Massive Bonus Advertising Package available for new members
Hugely active site delivering high traffic.
Relatively easy to earn advertising credits and keep sites in rotation
Proven and trusted admin
Regular promo codes and rewards available to active members


Join and allocate some of your advertising budget to the upgrade options available.


Viral Mailer For You (VMFY) runs on very similar principles to Free Advertising For You. The only difference is that it has a normal mailer function as well as Solo ads. There are no full page ads available.

VFMY's membership database is run on exactly the same principles as FAFY, meaning that your mails will only ever be sent to active members. At the time of writing, VMFY has an active membership base of around 1850. That's a rock solid number...and it continues to grow.

VMFY offers a heap of bonus advertising with instructions on how to claim 19 free solo ads available in the member's area. It took me a while to join this site, because I was a little doubtful that it would offer anything new. Once I realised that it worked as a complementary site to Free Advertising For You, I was all in.


Join and allocate some of your advertising budget to the upgrade options available



A quick glance at the Traffic Hoopla rankings at the start of June 2022 revealed that Free Advertising For You and Viral Mailer For You were entrenched as two of the top three ranked mailers. Both sites have enjoyed top 10 rankings for some time.

They also were very highly ranked as affiliate sources of income in the associated Profit Hoopla rankings

That's no accident. Jason Wise is the owner of both sites and he has drawn on years of experience to create complementary sites that promote engagement.

Nothing much has changed since. List Hoopla continues to rank both sites in the top 3 mailers in July 2023

There is no question in my mind that you should be a member of all three sites AND you should be using each of them on a daily basis.
If you can work them into your promotional activities that's all the better.