~ Plain Talking About The Internet Marketing Goldrush~

  Making Money On Line is the 21st Century's Virtual Goldrush

...and it seems that every man, woman, child and their dog has the secret to perpetual everlasting wealth.

We're told that making money online is "child's play" and that affiliate marketing is simply a matter of grabbing some affiliate links, throwing up some links and waiting for the money to roll in......

If only it were that easy.

The horrifying statistic about online marketing is that 95% of people who get involved in the business will fail.

That is an intimidating statistic that hopefully gives you pause for thought.

There are reasons why this statistic is so high.

Most people enter the market with unrealistic expectations.

  Most people do not have the necessary skills or mindset to succeed

Very few people are given any support or help

The Internet Marketing Wild West has encouraged a slot machine marketing mentality that  fosters fake it till you make it marketing

All of the above factors have assisted in the emergence of predatory marketers and marketing tactics that have resulted in people getting involved in all sorts of dubious products, schemes and programs (Been there, done that, got the tee shirt!)


Everybody will have slightly different reasoning, and that's OK. We all have to have a "why."

My why is that I can be a stubborn old (insert your favourite expletive here) and I simply had to succeed. I persisted long after I should have given up. I learned all the skills that I thought I needed and still found myself wanting. I bought heaps of junk products, got involved in programs that made a few big dogs rich and eked out a living putting my skills to work as a freelancer.

But the fire still burned inside me. There simply had to be a way.

Then, I remembered one of the first things that I'd read in my online adventures. Here it is

In the California Gold Rush, the people who made all the money were the people selling the miners their supplies.

It was a huge light bulb moment for me.

If you want to succeed in online marketing, sell people what they need, and what they need above all else is....traffic.

But what traffic and how?

There are dozens of alternatives.

The following pages are provided to help you to develop your business strategies. 


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Here are some cheat codes to get your advertising (and your income) up to speed - use and recommend them




Tucked away in the affiliate builder section of this site is a treasure
 trove of bonus mailing credits, solo ads, and traffic exchange credits

 Even More Traffic For You to Claim!





The sister site to Referral Frenzy, Referral Builder Elite offers a similar range of bonus
advertising. This a unique site that allows you to keep track of all your affiliate ids
and will automatically fill all those ids in downline builders for participating sites.




Here's the secret

Understanding the principles of the report is one thing, to make it work you need to have the equivalent of the Swiss army pocket knife in your marketing grab bag.

I'm speaking of an all-in-one tool that among other things will allow you to host PDF documents and images, track all your advertising campaigns AND allow you to  GROW NURTURE and MANAGE your subscriber list as well as provide you with quality traffic and 4 different sources of income.

I'm talking about Leads Leap which should be the glue that should bind all your marketing efforts together. At its very heart is the Sendsteed autoresponder service.

I know, I know, you've heard all the claims about the money being in the list and each subscriber being worth a dollar a month...and you're entitled to be cynical about those claims, but the simple fact is that using an autoresponder to responsibly build relationships with subscribers is the best way to build long term success.

You'll notice that I use words like responsibly and relationship.

Most "marketers" don't get how important those two words are.

Subscribers to your list are real people with hopes dreams, difficulties and questions.

Offering genuine help can build trust and respect. People are far more likely to act upon the recommendations of someone that they know, like and trust. Investing time into building a relationship via regular communication is exactly that...an investment.

Sadly, many people see an autoresponder much like a list mailer and happily send out a raft of marketing messages that are neither genuine, sincere nor original. Then they blame the tool and not the method they're using.

That's sad.

So, repeat after me, the money is not in the list. The money is in the relationship that you build with your list.

Relationships take time to grow. You need to give it time and that's where it's easy to lose patience.

But, I hear you say, I simply can't afford an autoresponder without getting some sort of return on my investment.

Who said anything about paying for it?

Free members at Leads Leap can grow and manage their subscriber lists with some limitations.

They can't have an email follow-up series. They can broadcast 10 times a month to their subscribers. That's a great incentive to start building a subscriber list starting today. You can even use the prebuilt page templates to create your own lead capture pages. I'll even share my own lead capture pages with you if that helps.

The point is this. Building and nurturing your subscriber list is something you should be doing ...and Leads Leap doesn't give you any wriggle room.

If you're not a member, sign up today. If you need any help, please reach out. I'll be glad to help.